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The web is stuffed with HTML5 evangelists, elite Javascript hackers, CSS3 black belts, mustachioed Node.js hipsters and responsive design gurus. It seems like every day there's something new and revolutionary you need to learn to keep up with the all the cool kids.

To some extent, it's fun to read up on the latest tech. Who doesn't like oohing and aahing over a flashy, HTML5 demo in Chrome Canary? But at the same time, these kinds of demos and articles are frustrating.

What's the point if you never get to put to practice the topics they cover?

Your code has to work in IE8.

Your projects start with piles of legacy code, not a fresh, clean HTML document.

Your boss doesn't give a hoot about semantic markup.

The real job of web development is messy and complicated.

This is why every week or so I write for my newsletter on topics relevant to regular ol' web developers, like you and me. I promise, there will never be a pedantic, semi-religious screed on responsive design. Because we're in the thick of it, making real things on the web, for real people. We don't have time for nonsense.

Join over 20,000 un-mustachioed web designers and web developers.

Join over 20,000 un-mustachioed web designers and web developers.

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    Sean Fioritto

    Recently, I wrote a book on web development called Sketching with CSS. I also run a training company for developers. I'm an author in Smashing Magazine and I've written some cool open source projects.

    Today, I'm an entrepreneur. In the not so distant past I did the usual 9-5 thing doing web development for a couple of big companies.

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