Animate Your Angular Application

A comprehensive guide to the ngAnimate module and the $animate service.

Goodbye Floats and Clearfixes, Hello Flexbox

Add flexbox to your bag of tricks with this series of five, free interactive videos.

The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet

All of that tricky, new flexbox syntax in one place.

Flexbox in the Real World

Sure, flexbox makes your life easier as a designer and developer, but what if you need to support IE8?

Learn how to work with flexbox in the real world with this article.

Get Going with Grunt

If you're going to add Grunt to your bag of tricks, here's a getting started guide that gets right to the point.

Grokking CSS Combinators A.K.A. Fancy Pants Selectors

Have you ever seen something like ul > li {} or h2 ~ p {} lurking in a stylesheet and wondered why these selectors were written in an alien language? Don't worry, you are not alone. Take ten minutes to read this and you'll never be confused again.

You might be interested in my books and classes.

Angular Escape Plan

Take the sting out of the Angular learning curve with this 8 hour video course.

Designed to fit in one really long day or a week of late nights.

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Sketching with CSS

Write CSS as fast as you can sketch.

Created for designers learning how to design in the browser. Filled with the tools you need to get your job done as a designer.

Download a free, sample chapter»

The Invasion

A weekly(ish) newsletter for unmustachioed web designers and developers.

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The ol' blog

My personal blog, mostly about business.

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Sean Fioritto

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