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(These notes are inspired by Andy Matuschak's notes)

I've been toying around with the Zettelkasten method and trying to build a habit of deep thinking first thing in the morning. Everything here is a work in progress — consider it thinking out loud. The goal is to capture one, complete thought per note with lots of links to other thoughts.

One problem with this is it's not a blog so there is no index. I'll try to link to a few chains of thought here and you can follow the links.

Generative UI

I'm currently thinking a lot about Generative UI which is the moment when Every user gets their own UI generated by AI. Generative UI will come in phases.

I feel confident that this is the future of frontend development because the economic incentives are huge and the technology is already here. AI will compress time on UI improvements to zero. Already the Immediate impacts of GPT-4 are huge for developer productivity and are pushing us through this loop faster.

Developer Talent Management

I've spent the last four years working on a talent management platform for elite military units. This likely evokes images of sweaty meatheads wearing fatigues and doing pullups, and there is a lot of that. But what I've learned is the organizations that we work with have processes that put to shame anything I've seen in the private sector.

What would it look like if we took these same ideas and applied them to a software company?

I've started to lay a lot of conceptual groundwork to build on. We need to know if we're a Laundromat or a Startup. We need to define Developer Velocity and have a heuristic for Deciding what to work on. When we hire we need to think of Build vs Buy.