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AI will compress time on UI improvements to zero

A continuously updated UI increases customer satisfaction and engagement. Time spent on UI updates is time not spent on growth. Managing the balancing act between growth and engagement is The art of enterprise software product management at a startup.

The UI of any application improves as a product team learns how users think. This learning happens in a cycle:

design —> build —> release —> measure —> learn—>design…

Time spent in the cycle is costly, and UI improvements don't contribute to growth. (They do contribute to engagement because Grumbling is the beginning of the end)

But what if you could reduce the time through the cycle to zero? If the UI is generated on the fly then Every user gets their own UI. I call this Generative UI.

Generative UI will come in phases. AI will take over bigger and bigger pieces of the cycle and do it faster and better until there are no pieces left with a human in the loop. Inevitably We will all become CEOs