⃪ About These Notes

Every user gets their own UI

UI today is an attempt at building something that works for all of your users. It's normal to have a huge backlog of features that users want that don't make economic sense to implement or would clutter the app making it too hard to use for its main value.

Legacy UI

Imagine a to-do list app. You put in stuff you need to do. You categorize your todos and put dates on them, delete them when you're done, etc. When you want to see a set of todos you click on a few buttons and voila you are looking at todos for the project you are working on. Sometimes you wish you could just find all of your todos for a given project and snooze them without having to click on each one individually but the devs never seem to have time to build this feature.

Generative UI

When you want to see all the todos for a project you say, “Show me all the todos for a project” or “Find all the todos that I need to do while I'm at the grocery store” and it generates the view for you. The next time you look at the to-do list there's a button to load all the todos for your project and another for the grocery store. You say “Snooze all the todos related to my work project for two weeks” and it just does it. The next time you search for a bunch of todos there's an affordance in the UI for you to click a button and snooze them all.

The Generate UI introduces the snooze feature to other users and determines that 10% of the users use it and introducing this feature reduces churn by 5%. In the future, it includes this feature for those who are likely to use it.