⃪ About These Notes

Immediate Impacts of GPT-4

Developer Productivity

With not but an API call and the use of pgvector developers can add powerful semantic search and topic clustering features to any product.

World class zero-shot classification

Before GPT-4 classification was a separate problem to be solved but classification is an emergent property of 3.5 and 4 so instead of spinning up a separate model developers can make a simple API call.

Chat interfaces that work

Not every UI should be replaced with Chat but many interactions with apps would be improved with a UI that is essentially “just tell me in plain English what you want to do”.

In the future, I expect to see Generative UI — so the model generates a UI instead of English. I expect this to replace a huge chunk of UI code. Why build a UI when you can just build an API, teach your model about it and have it generate UI on the fly for users?