⃪ About These Notes

Infrastructure Developer

Infrastructure Developers love exploring abstractions and discovering ways to do software better.

They are skilled at maintaining a steady cadence in output and have deep knowledge of their tech stack. They have a low tolerance for code mess and push back when changes to requirements come too frequently. They don't want to talk to customers.

When handed a feature to implement an Infrastructure Developer notices that there's a pattern in the features they've been working on recently and that the code would be much cleaner if they refactored it to use this new open-source project they saw on Hacker News.

When wrapping up work on a feature an Infrastructure Developer might think, “Ugh, I hate that I have to move on so quickly and never have time to do anything as good as it could be!”

Infrastructure Developers will look for a new job if they find themselves continuously patching a legacy codebase with no opportunity to upgrade the system to a more modern approach.